I have been on the move yet again! As a friend commented to me, I really do have a wanderlust! In the 30 years that I have lived in Mexico I have managed to live in 4 States, have built 3 houses and 2 hotels in addition to other projects. No one believes me when I say that my new residence is the last!

My last move has me leaving the wonderful cloud forest in Coatepec, a mountain town in the State of Veracruz, and returning to central Mexico to the small town of Tequisquiapan in the State of Queretaro. Having been grounded by the corona virus I have had ample time to oversee the remodeling of the house and its separate apartment during the past 7 months. Both are now ready for visitors!

Tequisquiapan is another one of Mexico’s “Pueblos Magicos” (Magic Towns) each one selected for a special characteristic. Tequis (as it is referred to) has a 20 year history of producing wine and cheese. Originally it was where families came to relax in the hot water spas that dotted the town and vacation homes. While this is no longer the main draw most hotels still have swimming pools filled with thermal water. Today, however, weekend visitors come for the quaint plaza, shops, restaurants, and local tours to the wineries, cheese factories, and opal mines. If you want a bird’s eye view of the town and surrounding area then you might want to go up in a hot air balloon or closer to the ground you can actually head out to one of the remaining opal mines and spend a pleasant afternoon, outside, chipping away at rocks that hold potential opals. It is finders-keepers at the mines…on my first try I returned home with a selection of small, but genuine, opals. The opals in this region are fire opals whose glow is really beautiful. Most weekend visitors are Mexican Nationals and come from the nearby big cities of Mexico City, Queretaro and Puebla. Tequis welcomes all with a weekend filled with events.

Tequis is a gem that most International visitors overlook. It is well worth a visit. The International airport is a short 20 minutes from here, is small and is served by most airlines, thus it is a good option for those who might want to by-pass Mexico City. Nearby are 2 other Pueblos Magicos (Bernal and Cadereyta) as well as the great Colonial city of Queretaro.